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The labour marketplace is a place in which the supply and demand are meeting in the field of tax advisory services.

The main aim is to create suitable environment in order to effectively find a Tax Adviser on the part of clients.

Unlike the list of Tax Advisers, which forms also a part of these www sites, it is not necessary to load in the comprehensive list of names for which many data items may be available, but such a process does not always correspond to actual needs. Many of the persons found in specific cases are not interested in cooperation and vice versa.

On the other hand, in many cases this way does not lead to contacting those experts who are potentially interested in such a cooperation for various reasons. In the labour marketplace it is possible to solve such a situation in a more effective way. A specific description of the issue, possibly the details of the requirement, including the address, are entered into the form. The offer is subsequently available to Tax Advisers who enter into the labour marketplace and are able to optimally assess their interest, and they may contact directly the client who has entered the demand, by offering their services to the latter. The client is then able to assess the offers received, in a comfort way, and to effectively select a partner for cooperation.

In the same way it is possible to use the labour marketplace also within the framework of cooperation of the Tax Advisers themselves.

Rules of the labour marketplace operation:

  • For human resource agencies this service is charged, for the others it is free of charge
  • A human resource agency is obliged to pay a fee amounting to CZK 2,000.-
  • The advertisements are displayed on the www sites of the Chamber of Tax Advisers of the Czech Republic in the non-public part which is password-protected and available to Tax Advisers only.
  • The advertisements are displayed in the system for a period of 1 month
  • The client may cancel an advertisement entered there for any reason by sending the appropriate request to
  • A request for cancellation must be sent from the same e-mail address as the one from which the advertisement has been sent
  • Please send any questions concerning the labour marketplace to

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